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An Activist’s Guide to Self-Care

When the need to protest arises, it’s very easy to immerse oneself in the frustration and furor of rebelling against the presence of evil. In those moments one easily forgets that perhaps the most rebellious act when face-to-face with evil is to laugh.
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How Is Plastic Harming Our Bodies and Our Oceans?

It is estimated that the average person consumes approximately 5 grams of plastic every week, which is the amount found in a credit card.
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When COVID-19 Brings Depression

There are days when it is hard to get out of bed. When you feel like all the energy has drained out of your body. You know that when you
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Kids, Kindness, and Coding

Although there are many activities that can teach children how to solve problems and play nice, why not try something new? It should be assumed that most jobs in the
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Why We Need the Tech Industry to Embrace Equity

In the beginning, two of the biggest tech companies were IBM and HP. They embraced inclusivity, and were intentional about hiring women and people of color. Today, most of the
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Should We Teach AI Skills to Kids?

If you are a parent, you may be asking: why should my child learn about AI? Recently, the importance of STEM education has been emphasized by many stakeholders. Yet, what
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Friends With Strangers

Joining social media has opened new doors in my life I didn’t know I needed open.
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The Overlapping Work of Futurists and Theologians

Theology and Technological Futurism share the common practice of postulating the future for both humanity and known universe.
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Ten Brilliant Books You Should Have In Your Bookcase

As your self-appointed guide to maturity, class, and extreme cool, I’m here to tell you that though the word “bookish” conjures up an image of a pencil-thin Poindexter pining over some unattainable co-eds or a nerdy wallflower afraid to go to the dance, that image is wrong.
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