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Hey Siri, How Do I Raise Kids in the Digital Age?

Educating future adults is more of a realization that maybe we don’t know enough.
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Art for Immersion

A Dutch artist uses light design to spur our imaginations about our climate-changed future.
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Post-Mortem Content Stewardship on Social Media

When we die, we leave a legacy through social media. What does it mean for our loved ones?
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Co-Creation as Lifestyle

When we create together, we forge bonds and shared meaning.
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Empathy in Ed Tech

Ed tech is being leveraged to encourage socio-emotional learning and empathy.
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All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands

Plant neurobiology has only begun to be accepted as a legitimate study in the last decade, and major discoveries are already being made. When we begin to look at the
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The Spiritual Component of Pandemic Trauma

The pandemic is a traumatic event that will affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually, perhaps for the rest of our lives.
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What To Do with Dead Malls?

Once bustling and profitable, many malls across the US are dying as consumers move to online shopping and purchase less from traditionally big retailers. What do we do with these dying mall spaces?
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3 Things You Cool Millennials (and Others) Should Own Once in Your Lifetime

Quality over quantity all the way. Here are three things you should own once in your lifetime.
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The Benefits of Being an Involved Father

Active, engaged fatherhood is not just beneficial for the children. It radically changes the father's life for the better.
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SIM Country: AI for Policy Making

An innovative simulation project aims to predict the societal effects of common but turbulent changes.
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Theopolis Monk, Part I: Envisioning a Future of A.I. Public Service

Utopias and a New Jerusalem - on 1980s TV?
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The Music of Hildegard of Bingen as an Act of Prayer

Prayer through transcendent music brings me the gifts of vision and peace.
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