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A Call to Pray

In these unprecedented times, we must turn to prayer.
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Let Us Rise: The World Today Needs Every Voice

We no longer live in a time where a single voice or person is enough to get behind. Each and every one of us must become that voice and that person. We are the key for the future.
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An Open Letter to Victims of Sexual Abuse in the Church

An open letter from a minister to those victimized by ministers.
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When the Going Gets Rough: Walking Through the Reality of a Desert

There are times and seasons that just seem downright hard! There is that drain on finances, loose tatters of the past, or even failings that seem just too much. It
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The Spiritual Component of Pandemic Trauma

The pandemic is a traumatic event that will affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually, perhaps for the rest of our lives.
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A Theology of War: Witnesses of Injustice

It is a war unlike any other kind, where no weapons are raised and no person is killed. Christians must serve as witnesses to injustice and suffering.
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When Love Is Shown Through Grief

To grieve is to be human. To love is to embrace a human in the sea of humanity. Let us grieve and love and swim in the sea of humanity.
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When Jesus Doesn’t Answer

One of the hardest areas of our Christian walk is faith and trust in Jesus in the hard times. Those times where we want to hear the audible voice of God. We wish we could talk to Jesus just like we talk to our best friend. Jesus is supposed to be our best friend. Why doesn’t he talk back? Is he really God at all? If he is, why is he so silent? Where is he?
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When COVID-19 Brings Depression

There are days when it is hard to get out of bed. When you feel like all the energy has drained out of your body. You know that when you
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The Death of Expertise, Part II: Everyone’s a Critic

In Part II of the series, we consider the drawbacks when we no longer elevate experts and authorities.
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What’s AI to Do in a World Where Ethics Are Subjective?

As we design and further develop AI, how can we ensure we don't create harm?
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Caretaking Practice for May: Gratitude

We've all heard that gratitude is important to our wellbeing. What about using it for others' wellbeing, too?
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