It’s Time to Dream Again

Life hands out lemons. I mean, a LOT of lemons. The lucky among us sometimes end up with lemonade. Others say, “Screw it”, and throw the whole lot away. Perhaps the lemons begin to mold and become disgusting anyway. Perhaps the person does not like lemonade. Life can hand us a lot, and we can grin and bear it, walk away, or get over it. Either way, lemons suck.

For many of us, we are in a season of recovering dreams. They can be old dreams that we have forgotten. They can be new dreams that we are called to discover. It is a time and a season to get our hands dirty and find something fresh and new in our lives. Something that fills the soul with wonder and delight. Something that sets the heart on fire with passion and light, filling it with joy and pure delight. It is, quite frankly, time to dream again.

Perhaps you once had dreams. It could be the simple childhood dreams of years ago, the more developed and cultivated dreams of career, family, and success. Or even the impossible dreams that you dare not even speak about.

Dreams can be re-birthed. Dreams can fall from heaven like a white feather and land on your nose.

Every once in a while in life, it is time to open oneself up to the possibilities of tomorrow. The days unplanned, unmanaged, and with the potential for infinite surprises. The days of sunshine and goodness where perhaps for years, your only food was sadness, mourning, and tiredness. Yesterday had its times of goodness, too, but you lost some dreams along the way. You became inundated with the tedium and necessity of the day. Your boldness and desire for those dreams went away, because you could not obtain them.

Tomorrow is a new day, though. Dreams can be re-birthed. Dreams can fall from heaven like a white feather and land on your nose. Tomorrow is full of new possibilities. We have seen a world full of impossible things lately. If those impossible things happened, new and good impossible things can likewise happen. It is a time for impossible dreams to occur.

On days where you are walking the impossibly long road called life, stop. Take a moment and fall in love. Fall in love with the sunshine, the air, and the breeze caressing your skin. Fall in love with the flowers you see on the side of the road. Breathe it in. Take it in. This is your moment of new beginnings.

Yesterday is gone, the new has come. Let new insight and possibilities stream in and flood your mind. What will tomorrow hold? What surprises are in store for me there? What impossible dreams have I forgotten? How can I get back up again, after all that has occurred? As you hold these questions in your mind, release them, let them go into the universe. Tomorrow is a destined new day. Tomorrow has a way of showing up and saying, “You’re beautiful. I like you just the way you are.” Tomorrow has something just for you. Let yesterday go. Find something new that is just for you.

Reality Changing Observations:

1. Think of a place of brokenness, sadness, or pain that is in need of healing. Hold it in your mind. Release it.

2. Take a moment and discover a new dream. What new dream would you like to have?

3. What old dream do you want to recover?

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