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The Power of Narrative, Part III: Format Matters

The format of our information affects our understanding of truth.
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The Power of Narrative, Part II: Look Who’s Talking

In Part II of this series, we look at the source of information and why it matters.
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Algorithms Can’t Fix Racism

Although algorithms can be used to eliminate individual biases, systematic biases find their way into the algorithms and can be even more destructive.
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Art as Response

All art is a response to something.
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Gen Z and the Church: Part IV

In Part IV, we hear from a high school guidance counselor that works closely with Gen Z students.
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The Power of Narrative, Part I: Truth Is in the Eye of the Beholder

In Part I of this series, we explore how narrative has overtaken facts as our vehicle of truth.
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Are You Watching Out for Dangerous Toy Recalls?

There tends to be poor communication about toy recalls. What can parents do?
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EPA says Ethanol Damages the Environment

We're all used to ethanol fuel, now, and we were promised it would be clean, safe, and renewable. What are the drawbacks we're ignoring?
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Gen Z and the Church: Part III

For Part III of our investigation into Gen Z's relationship with the church and how they will change it, I talked to a mental health counselor with some deep insights and clear ideas.
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Gen Z and the Church: Part II

Part II of an interview with a teacher and "Gen Z Fangirl" further explores who is Gen Z and what they need from the church to maintain interest.
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Gratitude for Hidden Gifts

The gifts from forgotten people in our past gave us a future.
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Learning to Live for Eternity

Finding alternatives to the conventional systems of life can be liberating.
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Test Driving Digital License Plates

Digital license plates come with both benefits and drawbacks. How Sacramento is testing this potentially game-changing innovation.
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