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As Food Meets Tech

We can expect technology to make its way more and more into our food, whether for whimsy or sustainability.
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How Churches Can Begin To Prepare for the Coming Automation Crisis

In the next 20 years intelligent machines will eliminate a large percentage of human jobs. Churches seeking to aid those affected should begin to prepare for how they will help people to address these future concerns.
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Is China Actually Building a First Iteration Death Star?

China plans to launch an artificial moon to light up the night sky.
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Your Ancestors’ Genetic History May Be the Reason for Your Talents and Your Fear

Science indicates that some human memories may pass between generations through DNA, reinforcing the need for care and equal opportunity for all.
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Brought to Life: Storytelling with AR and VR

AR and VR can elevate and enrich learning at school and at home.
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The Problem with AI

Human bias can create major problems for machine intelligence.
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The Overlapping Work of Futurists and Theologians

Theology and Technological Futurism share the common practice of postulating the future for both humanity and known universe.
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Is AI a Threat to Democracy?

Yuval Harari, best-selling author of Sapiens and Homo Deus, believes that recent technological developments are intimately correlated with the rising authoritarianism in liberal democracies. How so? Firstly, AI and other technologies are making
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Blockchain Startup Is Bringing Modern Voting to the World

Voter confidence in the systems used to record and tally votes has eroded due to decades of hanging chads, purges of voter rolls, hacking by foreign agents, and many other
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Get Your Creep On with a High-Tech Halloween Party

Looking to invite some greasy ghouls and batty friends over for a spooky good time? Here’s a few tech-savvy ideas and gadgets sure to titillate your not-dead-yet guests. Pumpkin Carving
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The Benefits of Being an Involved Father

Active, engaged fatherhood is not just beneficial for the children. It radically changes the father's life for the better.
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Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing

When fear keeps you from following a dream, whose voice do you listen to?
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A Participation Award Means Something Different to Jesus

Salvation doesn't come by resting on one's laurels.
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