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Learning to Live for Eternity

Finding alternatives to the conventional systems of life can be liberating.
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Understanding God’s Call Upon our Lives

Do you know that you have been chosen by God?
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A Journey Towards Fulfillment

Are we striving towards what will fulfill our divine purpose, or are we spending our time in less fruitful ways?
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ChristsMission SP

Christmas Is About Christ’s Mission

Christmas seems especially surreal to a lot of people this year.
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The Gift of Knowing Jesus

A simple sentence can change everything.
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The Best Part of Christmas

What is the best part of Christmas for you?
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What Is Your Story with God?

If I asked you to tell me about your relationship with God, could you tell me that story?
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Advent is a Time for Us to Wake Up!

God always sends a sign--a rescue mission--and it's crying out "Wake up!"
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Reflections on Evolutionary Growth and the Theological Doctrine of Imago Dei

Seeking answers to questions of ultimate meaning humanity consider the origins of its being
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A Participation Award Means Something Different to Jesus

Salvation doesn't come by resting on one's laurels.
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The Power of Narrative, Part III: Format Matters

The format of our information affects our understanding of truth.
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Gratitude for Hidden Gifts

The gifts from forgotten people in our past gave us a future.
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Test Driving Digital License Plates

Digital license plates come with both benefits and drawbacks. How Sacramento is testing this potentially game-changing innovation.
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