Fear Is a Contagious Virus

Over ten years ago, I had a vision that has remained with me until this day. I saw a line of people waiting for food, similar to what occurred during the Great Depression. These were individuals who drove all kinds of cars, including luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Lexus. When I had this vision, I was struck by the sheer wealth and status on display through their cars, yet they were so poor that they needed free food. Their wealth had disappeared, and all that they had relied on was gone.

In South Florida, last year I began to see these same food lines. People started lining up and down different streets, and a few were driving luxury vehicles. We have not yet seen and experienced what occurred within that vision, but it may yet occur.

As I think of these things, my heart is torn. I never want that vision to occur. I never want our society to go through another depression. I want everyone to be safe at home, with enough money and supplies to cover their daily needs. I want our nation to be well, healthy, and fully recovered from COVID-19.

Along with the coronavirus, fear has broken into houses across our country. We are afraid for ourselves, our family, friends, and neighbors. We are afraid of having the ability to pay for housing, childcare, and daily living needs. We are afraid to step outdoors. We are also afraid for our capacity to carry on as a nation. Fear has stolen the very breath from our bodies, and we have let it.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Fear is cast down and worry cannot stay. As individuals, we each contribute to society as a whole. We know that we have a responsibility to do our part. We each have a responsibility to cast down fear so that our society can operate without the weight and oppression of fear. One person living in freedom is not enough; we each must participate. Fear has taken hold in our lives, and it has been spurred on by the coronavirus and resulting restrictions and responses. Yet fear can no longer stay with us.

We have a duty to ourselves, our household, city, county, state, and nation to live in peace and freedom. Though we adhere to the rules and regulations placed upon us by our government leaders, we do not have to give in to fear. The fear each one of us feels spurs on the feelings of fear in those around us, which affects those around them, and further those around them. Fear is contagious and is caught and spread like the virus which has been running rampant through our land since early 2020.

The only way to cast down fear is to isolate it, suffocate it, and not allow it to infect those around us.

The vision I wrote about may be our future, or maybe not. Either way, we have seen that our society is built on human connection, acts of love, and selflessness. Though we have witnessed greed, hoarding, and extremism, we as a society have stood up to show what we are made of. If the worst-case scenario happens, whatever it might be, we will get through it as a community. We are made of sterner stuff than fear and a collapse of infrastructure. We, as a society, are built on peace, love, and connection. We sang while in quarantine, we shared from our resources, we helped those vulnerable and in need, and we encouraged those who were fearful or distraught. We have come together in remarkable ways during the coronavirus pandemic. With such proof of what goodness we have as a society, we have nothing to fear. Though some may have experienced very dark days, and many still do, we stand united. We have nothing to fear.

I pray the Lord of Peace grants you wisdom to proceed in the coming days. I pray that every worry, concern, doubt, and fear breaks and gives way to peace and freedom. I pray that the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ shines upon you, heals you, and delivers you from whatever situation you face. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Reality Changing Observations:

1. What is one way I can contribute to society to help those who may need it?

2. How have I allowed fear to infect my life?

3. In what ways have I been encouraged and been an encouragement to others around me?

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