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Blessed in Jesus

We are so blessed to have Jesus in our lives, and the Scriptures help to show us why.
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Faith Via Evidence

Coming to faith based on that relational evidence is a different understanding than how a lot of people think about faith today.
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Will You Lose Your Job to a Robot? Find Out Now and Start Preparing

With all the talk of the coming automation crisis many people are wondering will their profession be safe from automation in the next decade?
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How Can I Help You?

I have a strange occurrence that happens to me regularly. Everywhere I go, I seem to get the same question: “Sir, can you help me?” For some reason people think that I look like someone meant to work at places that serve them.
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Avoid Social Media PTSD: Block and Unfollow

When it comes to social media, one thing I often suggest for spiritual growth is discerning when it is appropriate to block or unfollow someone.
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Costly Grace

I like to think that I love God. But I have to question do my actions really reflect my intentions?
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Tech Will Expose Us All—So We Must All Become Experts in Love

As technology continues to develop, it exposes human intention while eliminating our privacy. The result of this accelerating trend is that the confidentiality that we currently maintain as persons will continue to erode. As such, we should begin to prepare ourselves for the biggest reveal of all: the day when technology exposes the thoughts of our mind.
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Hope in Christ

So many times in my ministry, people have told me that they don’t know if they have the strength to carry on.
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A Warning in Love

When we get mad, we want to fight back. But at nearly every turn, Jesus calls us to peace and love.
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Christ Who Saves Us

What are the things that you celebrate in your life?
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The Death of Expertise, Part II: Everyone’s a Critic

In Part II of the series, we consider the drawbacks when we no longer elevate experts and authorities.
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What’s AI to Do in a World Where Ethics Are Subjective?

As we design and further develop AI, how can we ensure we don't create harm?
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Caretaking Practice for May: Gratitude

We've all heard that gratitude is important to our wellbeing. What about using it for others' wellbeing, too?
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