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The Church Needs to Return to Being a Sandbox

Churches need to become places of experimentation in oder to facilitate widespread adaptive change in culture.
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Billy Graham’s TED Talk on Technology, Faith & Human Shortcomings

In February of 1998 the Rev. Billy Graham gave a TED talk depicting how he met with leaders in silicon valley.
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The Space Force is Good for American Technology

Space Force has the potential to launch the US into new technological possibilities.
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Earning Public Trust: Costs and Benefits of the Separation of Church and State

Differences between how churches in the United States and England engage government are widely known but, in the modern age, are often under-considered.
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How Alexa and Siri May Be Making You a Bigger Jerk

As we continually free ourselves from mundane work by utilizing smart devices, we must also be careful not to forfeit our humanity in the process.
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What Matters Most

We need to make the most of the time we have in this life.
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Churches Need to Start Using Facial Recognition Tech

Facial recognition tech can help churches welcome visitors, track attendance, and more.
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Ideas Like The Boring Company May Be the Solution to Human Overpopulation

Some would argue that the world is overpopulated. I contend that we aren’t even close.
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Are You Struggling to Read the Bible? Try this Trick!

Reading the Bible had become burdensome and an obligation. So I stopped reading it.
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You Cannot Serve Both God and Digital Trolling

The intentional introduction of inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic posts with the deliberate intent of disrupting regular on-topic group discussion –commonly known as trolling – has become a favorite pastime of many Christians in the world today. Unfortunately, many folks haven’t yet learned that one cannot serve both God and digital trolling.
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Finding Meaning in the Meaningless

Suicide leaves its mark on mourning loved ones forever.
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Robots of Walmart

Walmart has been experimenting with reassigning repetitive tasks to robots. What are the implications and opportunities?
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Lepers, Fat & Happy (or, Stooges in Graceland)

How does God feel about our weakness and need?
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