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June 2021


No Such Thing as Too Much Data

Big Data can change healthcare, but it needs big storage and sophisticated AI to manage it.
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With This Ring

My marriage is not perfect. No marriage is. What it is, is beautiful, challenging, an airport.
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Is Sustainability Sustainable?

Is our progression linear? Do we have to run out of resources? Or can technology help meet and even exceed our needs?
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The Night All of My Teeth Fell Out

Conscious recognition of subconscious thoughts can have an impact on a person's behavior.
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AI Tool Could Replace Animal Testing for Chemical Submissions

One of the great benefits of technology is its potential to reduce suffering. Testing new products on animals is a very controversial subject which can draw loud and reasonable debate
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Life Can Be A Sobering Experience

Don’t be the reason your life doesn’t go the way you want it to.
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The Texture of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has led me to a secret garden in my soul, where the purpose of God and the agency of humanity are forever intertwining in a dance of
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The Death and Birth of a Dream

The death and birth of a dream is remarkable. We are remade in the process.
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Exoskeletons, Robotic Gloves, and Body-Tracking Tech Protect Auto-Workers

Auto companies are making greater efforts to take better care of their workers.
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Praying Prayers in a New Way

Wanting prayer versus needing prayer: How do we ask for prayer when we find it hard to pray for ourselves?
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Avoiding Toxic Beauty Products

Certain chemicals in beauty products are known to affect the user's reproductive hormones.
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In Even The Most Unlikely Places, God Wins Again

When you think that no one hears you, maybe it's time to start
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Before It’s Too Late: An Alternate Future AR App

An innovative app uses AR art and climate change science to help us
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