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Can Eating a Plant-Based Diet Save the World?

There are many reasons that people choose to eat a primarily plant-based diet. Some decide to do it for health reasons and others to prevent animal cruelty. But can a
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Throwaway Culture

Sustainable Brands recently published a piece by Carmen Ene, CEO of 3 Step IT, based in Helsinki, Finland. In the article, “3 Top Sustainability Issues in 2019 and How to Address Them,” Ene
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The Heroes of EHSQ

Individuals who choose a career in Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality (EHSQ) functions in organizations around the world are people often called to help others or keep people safe. These are
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LEGO is Making New Sustainable Plant Bricks out of Sugarcane

LEGO has just produced a set of LEGO plants made from REAL plants! Having seen the ability to drive a new market and become more sustainable customers will now have access to REAL
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Is Climate Change to Blame for the Heatwave Felt Worldwide This Summer?

According to The Guardian’s editorial: “The Guardian view on the heatwave: our climate is endangered”: > The NHS is experiencing a “summer crisis”, with increased emergency admissions and uncomfortable conditions in buildings not equipped
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Plastic Straws Have Drawn the Ire of America’s Environmental Stewards

The Denver Post’s Editorial Board Article: “Yes, plastic straws are really that bad” states that: > Plastic straws have drawn the ire of America’s environmental stewards for good reason. Single-use disposable plastic goods are a
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10 Leading Food Companies Plan to Build a “Food Trust” via Blockchain

According to Jon Markman at Forbes in the article: “Here’s Who Wins When Blockchain Meets the Food Chain”: > Margins are razor-thin in the food industry. So when a bacteria outbreak like E. coli hits,
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Chemical Toxicity Assessments will Grow in Scope Under New Bill

Cheryl Hogue reports in Chemical & Engineering News that: “Chemical toxicity assessments by U.S. EPA to be reshaped, if bill passes” Cheryl takes a look at the new bill H.R. 6468. She explains: > The legislation, H.R.
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Scientists at Scripps Research Have Uncovered a New Strategy to Kill Tumors

Scripps Research Institute published a new study recently that Environmental News Network (ENN) is reporting will spell “Double-Trouble” for Tumors. According to ENN: > Scientists at Scripps Research have uncovered a new strategy to kill
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Every Step of the Drilling Process Can Cause Harm to the Ocean Environment

In a new Popular Science article: “Future offshore drilling could wreak havoc on deep sea ecosystems”Sara Kiley Watson says that: > Every step of the drilling process can cause harm to the delicate ocean environment.
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When Jesus Doesn’t Answer

One of the hardest areas of our Christian walk is faith and trust in Jesus in the hard times. Those times where we want to hear the audible voice of God. We wish we could talk to Jesus just like we talk to our best friend. Jesus is supposed to be our best friend. Why doesn’t he talk back? Is he really God at all? If he is, why is he so silent? Where is he?
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Five Reasons Everyone Should Own a Few Jazz Albums

Here’s a list of occasions in a civilized adult’s life when jazz is truly the best choice.
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Musings on ‘Shrooms and Work

I’d like to take a few minutes to direct your attention to mushrooms. 
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