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The Heroes of EHSQ

A modern-day hero is here, and she or he works in EHSQ.
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Reefs Hold Solutions to Climate Change, if We Can Manage to Protect Them

Common Great Barrier Reef creatures have evolved remarkable features that are now the basis of scientific breakthroughs in renewable energies, next-gen materials, and other fields. If we protect our reefs, they can protect our future.
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Is BPA-Free Just as Bad as BPA?

There are likely ingredients in BPA-Free products that require more scrutiny to promise safety.
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Can Fuel Taxes Save the World, or Will We Fight Them All the Way?

With climate change rapidly unfolding, the UN has proposed a fuel tax to change our consumption habits. We saw France protest; how would Americans respond?
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Beer and Sustainability: AB InBev Funds Startups with Solutions

In an effort to create a better world through environmentally sustainable practices, Anheuser-Busch InBev launched a $100,000 Global Sustainability Accelerator called 100+ in 2018. What is AB InBev doing in the
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Sustainability vs. Social Capitalism

When I attended Product Stewardship 2018 in Washington, D.C., I found much of the discussion centered around sustainability. There were many product stewards that spoke about how their businesses were trying to be more sustainable
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This Christmas, You Gave Me Your Data

Smart home devices are a popular Christmas gift, but here's a consideration you may have overlooked.
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Are You Watching Out for Dangerous Toy Recalls?

There tends to be poor communication about toy recalls. What can parents do?
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EPA says Ethanol Damages the Environment

We're all used to ethanol fuel, now, and we were promised it would be clean, safe, and renewable. What are the drawbacks we're ignoring?
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Should We Fear AI Consciousness?

What are the risks and benefits of AI that is self-aware and thinks rationally?
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How Can I Help You?

I have a strange occurrence that happens to me regularly. Everywhere I go, I seem to get the same question: “Sir, can you help me?” For some reason people think that I look like someone meant to work at places that serve them.
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Avoid Social Media PTSD: Block and Unfollow

When it comes to social media, one thing I often suggest for spiritual growth is discerning when it is appropriate to block or unfollow someone.
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Trust the Engineer

If we learned to trust the universe's engineer more, we would have less anxiety and stress.
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