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This Christmas, You Gave Me Your Data

Smart home devices are a popular Christmas gift, but here's a consideration you may have overlooked.
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Are You Watching Out for Dangerous Toy Recalls?

There tends to be poor communication about toy recalls. What can parents do?
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EPA says Ethanol Damages the Environment

We're all used to ethanol fuel, now, and we were promised it would be clean, safe, and renewable. What are the drawbacks we're ignoring?
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Should We Fear AI Consciousness?

What are the risks and benefits of AI that is self-aware and thinks rationally?
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Blood Test Detects Chemical Exposures in Pregnant Women

While there are regulations that govern banned chemicals, thresholds of chemicals, and new chemical introductions, the science around toxicity of new substances is often behind their public use, and certainly behind their regulation.
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Can Eating a Plant-Based Diet Save the World?

It would appear that there is a ton of evidence to suggest that moving to a plant-based diet can save the world from climate change.
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Are You Struggling to Read the Bible? Try this Trick!

Reading the Bible had become burdensome and an obligation. So I stopped reading it.
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Hey Siri, How Do I Raise Kids in the Digital Age?

Educating future adults is more of a realization that maybe we don’t know enough.
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SIM Country: AI for Policy Making

An innovative simulation project aims to predict the societal effects of common but turbulent changes.
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