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The latest by Nikki Diefenbach

The Music of Hildegard of Bingen as an Act of Prayer

Prayer through transcendent music brings me the gifts of vision and peace.
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Art for Immersion

A Dutch artist uses light design to spur our imaginations about our climate-changed future.
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Post-Mortem Content Stewardship on Social Media

When we die, we leave a legacy through social media. What does it mean for our loved ones?
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Algorithms Can’t Fix Racism

Although algorithms can be used to eliminate individual biases, systematic biases find their way into the algorithms and can be even more destructive.
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Empathy in Ed Tech

Ed tech is being leveraged to encourage socio-emotional learning and empathy.
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All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands

Plant neurobiology has only begun to be accepted as a legitimate study in the last decade, and major discoveries are already being made. When we begin to look at the
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Farmers Use AI to Boost Crop Yields

What can robots bring to farming? GPS, weeding lasers, and more!
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Art Teaches AI How to Create

The viral app of 2018 was Google’s Arts & Culture. Using a feature of the app, users could take a selfie which was then turned into data points. This would be
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Toco: An Experiment in Teaching Language to Robots

Can we teach robots to learn like humans do? A leading scientist decided to try.
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Don’t Fear the Reaper: The Stewardship of Death

We feel uncomfortable planning for the details of our death, but it's a kindness to our loved ones.
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Are You Struggling to Read the Bible? Try this Trick!

Reading the Bible had become burdensome and an obligation. So I stopped reading it.
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Hey Siri, How Do I Raise Kids in the Digital Age?

Educating future adults is more of a realization that maybe we don’t know enough.
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SIM Country: AI for Policy Making

An innovative simulation project aims to predict the societal effects of common but turbulent changes.
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