The Death and Birth of a Dream

When we were children, we all had a dream of who or what we wanted to be. Perhaps we wanted to be a firefighter, doctor, mom, husband, ballerina, or singer. Some of us went on to achieve our dreams, while others exchanged dreams, failed, or settled.

Regardless of our childhood dreams, we each still hold on to different dreams in many different forms. We have dreams for our children, goals within our profession, dreams of love, a home life, or fun hobbies. Dreams birthed in childhood have given way to new dreams which transform further in our lives to make a mark on who and what we are today. Dreams give us hope, focus, and reveal our heart.

The death and birth of a dream is remarkable. We are remade in the process. Without a dream, we perish in unfulfilled desires, hopes, and unmet human needs. We cannot accomplish and fulfill all of our dreams, but we can look at what is within them to see what we most want. Some of us want status, money, fame, love, or happiness. We all need self-esteem, value, love, joy, and security. We all need relationships that support and enhance our lives. When we achieve a dream, there may be a sense of longing for a new dream. We need something that further compels us.

Dreams give us hope, focus, and reveal our heart.

When a dream vanishes due to failure or circumstance, there is a natural grieving process. You may say to yourself, “What is next? My dream is gone. All that I hoped for can no longer exist.” A lost dream is brutal, heart-wrenching, and is a symbol of what we can never have or be. A dream fulfilled may leave us searching for “what’s next,” and we may never find it. We need a new dream to fill us with wonder, hope, and purpose.

It is time to dream again. We need new hopes to drive us and uncover what will fill us with joy and motivation. Dreams must give birth to new dreams and give influence to our path. We cannot rest on the dreams of yesterday, but we must take control of our future. A dream lost can be recovered, but perhaps in a different form. A dream fulfilled may reveal an innate need that remains unmet. A dream that remained a dream with no purposeful movement may need to be acted on to find happiness. As you look at where you are in life and what your dreams may be, here are a few questions to help you find your next steps.

Reality Changing Observations:

1. In what ways is my dream achievable, and what steps do I need to take to fulfill it?

2. How do I release my dead dream to allow for a new dream to bloom?

3. What practical steps am I taking within my life to fulfill my dreams?

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