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The latest by Natalie Gonzalez

Finding Meaning in the Meaningless

Suicide leaves its mark on mourning loved ones forever.
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Tuck It Up, Buttercup

My life changed when an old friend asked me whether I was living the way I really wanted to.
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This Little Light of Mine

When someone tries to snuff out your light, it's much more about them than about you.
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Kindness Matters

Sometimes we are too quick to judge.
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Bless This Mess

Jealousy drives a wedge that only the Holy Spirit can heal.
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Extinguish Your Angst

It's been over ten years since I changed my life. I’m still no saint. I still fall and stumble back up. But I know I can do all things through Him who has strengthened me.
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That Kitchen Sink

Sometimes God finds us in the most unlikely places. But instead of running away, maybe we should kneel.
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Hey Siri, How Do I Raise Kids in the Digital Age?

Educating future adults is more of a realization that maybe we don’t know enough.
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God Is Your Lifesaver

Neverending new beginnings can happen when we put every part of us, good and bad, into God's merciful hands.
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You Are Valuable. You Are Valued.

As a parent–in my case, as a stay-at-home mom–there are all kinds of lessons that we have to learn. Initially, it’s kind of basic. Keep tiny human alive. Feed tiny
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Robots of Walmart

Walmart has been experimenting with reassigning repetitive tasks to robots. What are the implications and opportunities?
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Lepers, Fat & Happy (or, Stooges in Graceland)

How does God feel about our weakness and need?
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Lost Pets Located with Facial Recognition Technology

This app uses facial recognition to reunite pets with their owners at a success rate of 98%!
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