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October 2020


So Your Baby Thinks Sleep Is for the Weak? Here Are 3 Lifesavers

Something's gotta work, right? Right?
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The Dangers of Political and Spiritual Trickery

There is trickery afoot in the political arena and it is nothing new. I am not referring to anything specific about recent debate banter, political tweets, or even flies landing on
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How Much Baggage Do We Bring to Scripture?

We bring ourselves--our age, our culture, our sex, our education, and other features--to our reading of the Bible. How often do we notice it?
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Is Cooperation Possible?

Our two leading political parties won't work together. How can we turn bitter division into productive cooperation?
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Brought to Life: Storytelling with AR and VR

AR and VR can elevate and enrich learning at school and at home.
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Perceptions Creating Reality

Our perceptions can become reality in our own eyes. When we meet others who have perceived a different reality, conflict explodes.
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There Is Such Thing as a Tesseract

Every person, in their current state, is also the "past self" of a future state.
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What America Means To Me, Part II: Opportunity

America is called the Land of Opportunity. We need to live up to the name and the vision.
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Five Reasons Why Alexa May Be a Mom’s Best Friend

I knew having an assistant would spoil me. I had no idea I would use her for so much.
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Blood Test Detects Chemical Exposures in Pregnant Women

While there are regulations that govern banned chemicals, thresholds of chemicals, and new chemical introductions, the science around toxicity of new substances is often behind their public use, and certainly behind their regulation.
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Finding Meaning in the Meaningless

Suicide leaves its mark on mourning loved ones forever.
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Robots of Walmart

Walmart has been experimenting with reassigning repetitive tasks to robots. What are the implications and opportunities?
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Lepers, Fat & Happy (or, Stooges in Graceland)

How does God feel about our weakness and need?
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