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The latest by Tanisha DuBransky

Test Driving Digital License Plates

Digital license plates come with both benefits and drawbacks. How Sacramento is testing this potentially game-changing innovation.
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What To Do with Dead Malls?

Once bustling and profitable, many malls across the US are dying as consumers move to online shopping and purchase less from traditionally big retailers. What do we do with these dying mall spaces?
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Do Your Children Struggle with Executive Functioning? Brili Makes Routines Easy

Chaos might be an understatement if you’ve ever tried to get out the door on time on a weekday morning with one or more school-aged children. Brili is an app that promises “routine
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Five Reasons Why Alexa May Be a Mom’s Best Friend

I knew having an assistant would spoil me. I had no idea I would use her for so much.
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Hey Siri, How Do I Raise Kids in the Digital Age?

Educating future adults is more of a realization that maybe we don’t know enough.
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SIM Country: AI for Policy Making

An innovative simulation project aims to predict the societal effects of common but turbulent changes.
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Theopolis Monk, Part I: Envisioning a Future of A.I. Public Service

Utopias and a New Jerusalem - on 1980s TV?
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