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December 2020


Art as Response

All art is a response to something.
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Empathy in Ed Tech

Ed tech is being leveraged to encourage socio-emotional learning and empathy.
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Practicing Digital Citizenship, Part II: Personal Data Has Financial Value

Your personal data is valuable; treat it as such!
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Gen Z and the Church: Part IV

In Part IV, we hear from a high school guidance counselor that works closely with Gen Z students.
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Be Who You Are, Be How You Are

There is no joy found in the crappy baggage you carry with you. You see that torn canvas and broken handle on the suitcase of your life, and you literally
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All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands

Plant neurobiology has only begun to be accepted as a legitimate study in the last decade, and major discoveries are already being made. When we begin to look at the
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ChristsMission SP

Christmas Is About Christ’s Mission

Christmas seems especially surreal to a lot of people this year.
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The Gift of Knowing Jesus

A simple sentence can change everything.
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This Christmas, You Gave Me Your Data

Smart home devices are a popular Christmas gift, but here's a consideration you may have overlooked.
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The Best Part of Christmas

What is the best part of Christmas for you?
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Avoiding Toxic Beauty Products

Certain chemicals in beauty products are known to affect the user's reproductive hormones.
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In Even The Most Unlikely Places, God Wins Again

When you think that no one hears you, maybe it's time to start
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Before It’s Too Late: An Alternate Future AR App

An innovative app uses AR art and climate change science to help us
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Lenten Devotional

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