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As Food Meets Tech

We can expect technology to make its way more and more into our food, whether for whimsy or sustainability.
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Dealing With Automation Anxiety

We need to collectively and individually plan for the economic changes inherent with developing automation.
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Jobs of the Future Are (Almost) Here

Emerging technologies will create new jobs, even as they make others disappear.
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Practicing Digital Citizenship, Part I: The Internet is Not Free

I have not practiced good digital citizenship, and this must change, starting with recognizing the value of the content I consume online.
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Churches as Makerspaces

Preparing at the local level for the effects of automation can be the difference between thriving or failing in the new digital economy. Yet, local initiatives on their own will not be sufficient unless they can use technology and technical knowledge as an empowerment tool.
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Is AI a Threat to Democracy?

Yuval Harari, best-selling author of Sapiens and Homo Deus, believes that recent technological developments are intimately correlated with the rising authoritarianism in liberal democracies. How so? Firstly, AI and other technologies are making
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Should We Teach AI Skills to Kids?

If you are a parent, you may be asking: why should my child learn about AI? Recently, the importance of STEM education has been emphasized by many stakeholders. Yet, what
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Are We Ready for Superintelligence?

"Do You Trust This Computer?" is compelling but incomplete.
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Science Fiction: The New Religion of the 21st Century

With its many-fold epic stories, this genre is transcending its peers to become a religion.
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A New Geopolitical Era and the Rise of Non-State Actors

Nearly thirty years ago, we were witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall and the beginning of a new era in geopolitics. The Cold War was coming to an end
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Do Your Children Struggle with Executive Functioning? Brili Makes Routines Easy

Chaos might be an understatement if you’ve ever tried to get out the
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Don’t Fear the Reaper: The Stewardship of Death

We feel uncomfortable planning for the details of our death, but it's a kindness to our loved ones.
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Rock Icons of Male Fashion: 20th Century

Sure, they made amazing music recognized on every continent, but let's talk about these looks.
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