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Churches as Makerspaces

Automation anxiety is real. According to a recent Pew survey, 72 percent of Americans worry about the impact of automation on their jobs. Automation is slowly becoming part of our lives:
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Is AI a Threat to Democracy?

Yuval Harari, best-selling author of Sapiens and Homo Deus, believes that recent technological developments are intimately correlated with the rising authoritarianism in liberal democracies. How so? Firstly, AI and other technologies are making
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Dealing With Automation Anxiety

Automation anxiety is real. In a recent Pew Survey, 72 percent of Americans worry about the impact of automation on their jobs. Besides, automation is slowly becoming part of our lives:
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Should We Teach AI Skills to Kids?

If you are a parent, you may be asking: why should my child learn about AI? Recently, the importance of STEM education has been emphasized by many stakeholders. Yet, what
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What Can AI Reveal About God?

There is no shortage of articles touting the dangers (and a few times the benefits) of this development. What is less publicized is the very technology that enables the growing
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“Do You Trust This Computer?” Review – Are We Ready for Superintelligence?

“Do you Trust This Computer?“ is a provocative documentary where Chris Paine brings together experts, journalists and CEOs from the tech industry and academia to make a compelling point about the
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Science Fiction: The New Religion of the 21st Century

Is science ficiton the new religion of the 21st century? With its many-fold epic stories, this genre is transcending its peers to become a religion. Consider the attention given to
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The Benefits of Being an Involved Father

Much has been said about the benefits of involved fathers to children. This factor in itself should be enough of an incentive for being involved. Yet, not much is said
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AI Goes to The Movies

What if you could predict the next blockbuster? I am sure directors, producers, and studio executives would want to hire you. Hence it is not surprising the emergence of machine
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Jobs of the Future

Do you know any Robot Technicians? In the next ten years you likely will. House of Bots came up with ten new jobs that will exist in the future. Most on the
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When Jesus Doesn’t Answer

One of the hardest areas of our Christian walk is faith and trust in Jesus in the hard times. Those times where we want to hear the audible voice of God. We wish we could talk to Jesus just like we talk to our best friend. Jesus is supposed to be our best friend. Why doesn’t he talk back? Is he really God at all? If he is, why is he so silent? Where is he?
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Five Reasons Everyone Should Own a Few Jazz Albums

Here’s a list of occasions in a civilized adult’s life when jazz is truly the best choice.
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Musings on ‘Shrooms and Work

I’d like to take a few minutes to direct your attention to mushrooms. 
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