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When Lost and Confused, Follow the Crowd

With all its imperfections, this peculiar bunch is here to carry us back to God when we are unable to get there ourselves.
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Psalm 88: The Cry of the Depressed

Psalm 88 speaks to us when we are angry, despairing, and alone.
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AI in Humanities: Teaching Machines to Read and Interpret Classical Texts

How can AI relate to or benefit the humanities?
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SIM Country: AI for Policy Making

An innovative simulation project aims to predict the societal effects of common but turbulent changes.
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The Power of Narrative, Part III: Format Matters

The format of our information affects our understanding of truth.
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The Power of Narrative, Part II: Look Who’s Talking

In Part II of this series, we look at the source of information and why it matters.
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Practicing Digital Citizenship, Part III: From Consumers to Participants

Consumers use cyberspace for information and attention without returning, improving, or building anything.
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Practicing Digital Citizenship, Part II: Personal Data Has Financial Value

Your personal data is valuable; treat it as such!
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The Power of Narrative, Part I: Truth Is in the Eye of the Beholder

In Part I of this series, we explore how narrative has overtaken facts as our vehicle of truth.
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The Benefits of Being an Involved Father

Active, engaged fatherhood is not just beneficial for the children. It radically changes the father's life for the better.
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We Are AI: A New Technological Lens for Christianity

Christianity is desperately in need of an updated technological hermeneutic.
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Art Frames the Intersection of AI, Machine Learning, and Human Decision Making

What happens when more cognitive work is given to AI, and what can we do to understand the decision process? Forget human nature, this is AI nature.
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Finding Your Boundaries in Social Media

Asking some questions about why you're using a certain social media platform can help you prevent regrettable posts.
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