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The Logic of Anti-Racism, Part II: History and Other Divisive Concepts

Our cultural and social biases create baseline assumptions we aren't even aware of.
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The Logic of Anti-Racism, Part I: How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion Without Being Nice About It

A logical argument for anti-racism. In Part I, we cover the ad hominem fallacy and when tolerance does not have to apply.
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Is Cooperation Possible?

Our two leading political parties won't work together. How can we turn bitter division into productive cooperation?
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An Activist’s Guide to Self-Care

When the need to protest arises, it’s very easy to immerse oneself in the frustration and furor of rebelling against the presence of evil. In those moments one easily forgets
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Avoiding Toxic Beauty Products

Certain chemicals in beauty products are known to affect the user's reproductive hormones.
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In Even The Most Unlikely Places, God Wins Again

When you think that no one hears you, maybe it's time to start
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Before It’s Too Late: An Alternate Future AR App

An innovative app uses AR art and climate change science to help us
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