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November 2020


Don’t Fear the Reaper: The Stewardship of Death

We feel uncomfortable planning for the details of our death, but it's a kindness to our loved ones.
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As Food Meets Tech

We can expect technology to make its way more and more into our food, whether for whimsy or sustainability.
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Rock Icons of Male Fashion: 20th Century

Sure, they made amazing music recognized on every continent, but let's talk about these looks.
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The Yous the Locusts Have Eaten

God assures us that the years we see as hopelessly lost to sin and destruction, He is working to redeem.
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The Singularity: Christianity’s New Eschatological Hope

The eschatological hope of avoiding death that was prevalent in the early of days of Christianity may soon return to the church universal via a seemingly unlikely source – mainly - human technological advancement.
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Gen Z and the Church: Part II

Part II of an interview with a teacher and "Gen Z Fangirl" further explores who is Gen Z and what they need from the church to maintain interest.
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Loving Your Ideological Enemies

An enemy is someone who challenges the concept of our identity. What should our response be? And where does ideology meet love?
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Data for Good: Helping Florida Foster Children Find Families

A Florida service matches foster children aged 4-17 with adoptive families.
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A Life Lived with Intention

Intention shapes our practice. It determines our outcomes. And it changes our lives.
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How Churches Can Begin To Prepare for the Coming Automation Crisis

In the next 20 years intelligent machines will eliminate a large percentage of human jobs. Churches seeking to aid those affected should begin to prepare for how they will help people to address these future concerns.
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Avoiding Toxic Beauty Products

Certain chemicals in beauty products are known to affect the user's reproductive hormones. What can makeup-users do to stay safe?
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In Even The Most Unlikely Places, God Wins Again

When you think that no one hears you, maybe it's time to start listening.
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Before It’s Too Late: An Alternate Future AR App

An innovative app uses AR art and climate change science to help us visualize a looming danger.
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