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Stephen and Sylvia’s Top 10 Albums for 2020 (Sort Of)

A collaborative Top 10 list. This year was...bad...but the music wasn't!
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3 Things You Cool Millennials (and Others) Should Own Once in Your Lifetime

Quality over quantity all the way. Here are three things you should own once in your lifetime.
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Rock Icons of Male Fashion: 20th Century

Sure, they made amazing music recognized on every continent, but let's talk about these looks.
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Three Presidents: Style for the Ages

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that JFK is our best dressed president to date.
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Five Hair Product Hacks

Stephen's tips for DIY hair styling.
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Ten Brilliant Books You Should Have In Your Bookcase

As your self-appointed guide to maturity, class, and extreme cool, I’m here to tell you that though the word “bookish” conjures up an image of a pencil-thin Poindexter pining over some unattainable co-eds or a nerdy wallflower afraid to go to the dance, that image is wrong.
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Five Reasons Everyone Should Own a Few Jazz Albums

Here’s a list of occasions in a civilized adult’s life when jazz is truly the best choice.
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The Power of Narrative, Part III: Format Matters

The format of our information affects our understanding of truth.
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Gratitude for Hidden Gifts

The gifts from forgotten people in our past gave us a future.
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Learning to Live for Eternity

Finding alternatives to the conventional systems of life can be liberating.
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