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I Will Never Let Go, Jack

While the ship isn’t sinking, we are feeling a flood like none other right now.
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A Life That’s Full of Wonder Is a Wonderful Life

A great divide needs only a long enough bridge.
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Life Can Be A Sobering Experience

Don’t be the reason your life doesn’t go the way you want it to.
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Don’t Dance If You Don’t Want To

Sometimes we feel the feelings out of things. Let it not be okay if it isn't.
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Here’s Your Sign

Sometimes a last-ditch effort is the beginning of an end.
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Mary, Did You Know?

This season, let's try to keep in mind the sacrifices that were made to make the "Holidays" possible.
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If Parenting Is a Job, When Do We Get Paid?

Does our concern with the financial shortcomings of stay-at-home life imply that our joy in what we do isn't enough?
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Extending His Hand In Even The Most Unlikely Places, God Wins Again

When you think that no one hears you, maybe it is time to start listening.
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Praying Prayers in a New Way

Wanting prayer versus needing prayer: How do we ask for prayer when we find it hard to pray for ourselves?
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The Road To Anywhere Still Needs To Be Paved…..

If you have the courage to not just say it but DO it...then your journey can begin.
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Friends With Strangers

Joining social media has opened new doors in my life I didn’t know I needed open.
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The Overlapping Work of Futurists and Theologians

Theology and Technological Futurism share the common practice of postulating the future for both humanity and known universe.
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Ten Brilliant Books You Should Have In Your Bookcase

As your self-appointed guide to maturity, class, and extreme cool, I’m here to tell you that though the word “bookish” conjures up an image of a pencil-thin Poindexter pining over some unattainable co-eds or a nerdy wallflower afraid to go to the dance, that image is wrong.
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