We Must Be Stewards of the Environment

In this day and age, how can people still think it’s okay to throw trash out the window?

The other day, I was driving our family home, and as we came up to a stop, we watched the car in front of us throw a bag of trash out their window. The bag flew into the berm and ripped open, flooding the freshly cut grass with a flow of colorful plastics and papers. As it happened, I cringed, and our eight-year-old screamed: “Dad! We have to STOP!” and so we pulled to the side and she quickly jumped out. Knowing that I keep a few extra bags in the trunk, she demanded for me to get her one so that we could clean up the mess. A bit stunned by the whole episode, I followed her order, and then helped her clean up.

We teach our kids to be stewards of the planet and to be cruelty free. On this day, however, our daughter reminded me that we all MUST BE stewards. She reminded me that there is no complacency if you want to make the world a greener place. She reminded me that we must create the change we want to see in the world.

If you need a reminder to take part in this change, too, here are a few great pieces.

Johan Rockström: How we can all become responsible stewards of Planet Earth

Clothing company Patagonia asks of themselves and us, How can we inspire children to be stewards of the planet?

Stewards of the Earth: A role for humankind

Reality Changing Observations:

1. What holds you back from being a better steward of our planet?

2. What are parts of your personal, or your family’s, waste stream that you could minimize or remove?

3. Would you ever volunteer to lead a neighborhood or community cleanup? Why or why not?

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