Let Us Rise: The World Today Needs Every Voice

There was a day when we looked to the world’s leaders to create change. We supported those who were most similar in mind to us. For the everyday person, we liked our celebrities, actors, and key influencers, whether they were from the fields of science, medicine, psychology, or sports. We got behind a person or group of people to lend our voice to theirs, because they led the way.

Today is a new kind of day. We no longer live in a time where a single voice or person is enough to get behind. Each and every one of us must become that voice and that person. We are the key for the future.

As we engage in squabbles, debates, protests, and politics, the whole world is in a furor. We look around us, and each and every one of us is speaking our mind. We are engaging, participating, and demanding action and change. We have begun to realize that we, too, are the voice. We are the voice of change, ideas, and justice. We do not stand behind key figures who influence; we are the influencers. Our individual voice can be heard when it joins with others. See, today’s society does not need just a few key voices. Society today needs all our voices raised in one accord. We are the voice. We have power. We can accomplish great feats. We can do what has never been done before. We can reverse the tide, change fate, and release destinies. We are the people, and we will be heard.

Power has begun to be wrestled away from some key leaders and voices. The people’s voice is being heard. When we proclaim the truth as a people group, nation, and identity, we wrest the power away from the few to give it to the masses. Let the people be heard. Let our voices rise up.

Each and every one of us has been called to stand up today. We must each individually participate. We each must stand up. For those who have never stood to raise their voice, it is a daunting and difficult task. Yet, there are many around you to help you. Lean on them as you learn how. Ask a sister or brother for help. Many of us have remained seated, watching as the world learns how to speak. It is now time to join them and let your voice rise with theirs.

For those who have risen, thank you for rising. For those struggling to learn how to stand and speak to make your voice heard, we appreciate your efforts. For those who remain silently sitting on the sidelines, your time has come to rise. Let us each rise, stand arm and arm, and begin to cry out. We each individually have one voice, but together, we can make a difference. Let’s rise together.

Reality Changing Observations:

1. Where is my voice and what have I done with it to help create positive change?

2. Where are the areas that I should lend my voice to help support change?

3. How can I encourage those who do not speak up that now is the time to speak up for change?

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