When Love Is Shown Through Grief

We all have that one special someone that we think of and smile. The person you love to the tips of your toes with a kind of love that does not make sense and just doesn’t have to. The person we are supposed to love, or perhaps, we aren’t supposed to love. The person who sets the standard in our minds of something special, who embodies the essence of something beloved.

In a day, that one special person can be taken from us. Perhaps they die, leave, or we have to cut ties with them for some reason. We continue to love them even though they have left us; the love remains. We grieve their loss. They were important to us. They meant something. They continue to contribute to our quality of life, even at a distance. We smile when we think of them. Then suddenly, the loss is complete, final.

The days go on and the loss remains under the surface. We smile at people and they smile at us. We dance, play with our children, and even laugh. Yet, all the while, we grieve inside. Our special someone was taken away. The world will never be the same again. All will never be as it was. We grieve what was and we grieve what will never be.

We cry and feel uncomfortable in our grief. We question if we should even grieve. Grief is a sign of loss and is the highest demonstration of love and loss. To fulfill and justify the memory of the loss, we grieve.

On the days that we love, let us embrace. On the days that we lose, let us grieve. Let us love and lose with full intensity.

Grief is made significant because it is love. Love is significant because it heals the soul. Every love one day becomes grief. Let us love and lose with full integrity with the full splendor of our feelings. To grieve is to be human. To love is to embrace a human in the sea of humanity. Let us grieve and love and swim in the sea of humanity.

Let us find new loves, new special someones, and new people to embrace. Let us allow grief to lead the way into a new experience of love. Every loss is just that: a single loss. There are more people to love in the world. Our grief shelters the memory of those we have lost. Yet tomorrow brings a fresh chance for someone new to love, embrace, and discover.

We can grieve and love in the same day. It’s okay. The grief is allowed to remain as we reach out and discover someone new. It’s still a new day to experience the world.

Reality Changing Observations:

  1. How has my grief or loss prevented me from opening to new relationships?
  2. Look at your relationship to grief and loss. In what ways are you open for someone new?
  3. How do you feel after reading this article?

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