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The Glory from God

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John 12:36–43

John 12:36-43 speaks to the time just before Jesus’s death. While he had shown the people clearly that he was the son of God and proven the existence of the Father, there were still many who did not believe, because the Pharisees did not proclaim the word of Jesus in fear that they would be kicked out of the synagogue. So, they turned to human and self glory over the glory from God. 

Jesus wanted people to understand that the connection to God and finding His light within us is far more important than any earthly thing. This is a message to us, too. How easy is it not to believe? To stay quiet and fixate on personal desires? Jesus reminds us that each and every moment, God is within us, the light is within us, and proclaiming Him and our love for Him is the most important thing we can do.


Lord, may you forever bring us closer to your glory. May Your light shine bright within all of us. Allow us to glorify You and all You do with us more than ourselves, to put aside our ego, and connect deeper with You. Amen.

Abby Lindenberg Melone

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Photo by Kent Pilcher