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Christian Transhumanism: Envisioning God’s Will on Earth via Technology

(Editor’s note: The 2019 Christian Transhumanist Conference is scheduled for Saturday, October 19th in Nashville, TN.) Imagine… It’s Sunday morning. You and your spouse are up and ready for church. One child
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What America Means To Me*, Part I: Pluralism

Pluralism means we need our differences. They are assets, not hindrances.
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When Jesus Doesn’t Answer

One of the hardest areas of our Christian walk is faith and trust in Jesus in the hard times. Those times where we want to hear the audible voice of God. We wish we could talk to Jesus just like we talk to our best friend. Jesus is supposed to be our best friend. Why doesn’t he talk back? Is he really God at all? If he is, why is he so silent? Where is he?
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Five Reasons Everyone Should Own a Few Jazz Albums

Here’s a list of occasions in a civilized adult’s life when jazz is truly the best choice.
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