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My Experience as a Previous Lockdown Survivor: Then vs. Now

I believe there is a direct correlation to the anxiety and fear I felt during the 9/11 lockdown and the fear I feel in today’s pandemic. It has been linearly connected with concern for others.
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Friends With Strangers

Joining social media has opened new doors in my life I didn’t know I needed open.
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The Overlapping Work of Futurists and Theologians

Theology and Technological Futurism share the common practice of postulating the future for both humanity and known universe.
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Ten Brilliant Books You Should Have In Your Bookcase

As your self-appointed guide to maturity, class, and extreme cool, I’m here to tell you that though the word “bookish” conjures up an image of a pencil-thin Poindexter pining over some unattainable co-eds or a nerdy wallflower afraid to go to the dance, that image is wrong.
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